We support your sales service

Around 17,000 funds are approved for public sale to private investors in Germany. Are you looking for a partner to make your sales more effective?

Book our services. We will assist you in producing an effective sales plan, client-focused information materials and target-group oriented communications plans. We customise our services individually to your fund so that your sales team can deal with what is essential – direct contact with clients.

Capital Management Company (CMC) Services

Do you need a partner who sends your fund master data to data providers, fund platforms and market partners?

We issue our FONDS UPDATE newsletter as part of our CMC services for you. With FONDS UPDATE, all the necessary master data is sent regularly in tried and trusted processes to over 130 finance partners. In addition, your fund is also given a digital presence on IPConcept. On this platform, we fulfil the legal requirements of the supervisory authorities on a country-specific basis on your behalf: Sales prospectuses, KIDs, half-yearly and annual reports are provided first hand in real time.

In addition, benefit from our experience:

  • in selling your fund via various fund exchanges in Germany,
  • regarding questions relating to the common financial and fund trade fairs,
  • for price or portfolio deliveries.

Sales services

Do you want to use an established sales network with different fund platforms or banks?

Our sales service is available to expand your sales infrastructure. As your single point of contact, we handle the conclusion of distribution agreements for your fund. Purchasing terms, such as issuing premiums and portfolio commissions for your sales partners, can be agreed on an individual basis.

At times of major regulatory changes, we draft the legal amendments to your sales contracts for you.

Benefit from our regular reports on available depository portfolios. We support you with available information about sub-distributors, your agreed purchasing terms and the associated distribution partners.

Portfolio commission services

Do you want to push sales by way of paying portfolio commissions?

Our sales agreements open the way for you to agree terms tailored specifically to you. We carry out the billing and payment of portfolio commissions for you. Our tried and tested billing system and multiple testing phases in the payment processes ensure a quality-assured operation.

Using various calculation methods, your distribution partner is billed monthly or quarterly according to its system requirements. You and your distribution partner receive detailed statements on the payments.

Media services

Do you want your fund to achieve the maximum level of recognition?

We assist you with your sales activities. How digital are your investors? We support you in achieving the balance between digitalisation and the legal requirements. Benefit from our Whitelabel Platform Fonds im Fokus so that your fund presence is always up-to-date.

Profit from the expertise and products of our partners: for example, drafting fact sheets or advertising banners. We offer you our experience in providing sales services oriented to specific target groups.

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