Benefit from the opportunities of digitalization

With IP.Distribution we offer the perfect tool for real strategists. Our web-based application gives you comprehensive market data on your cash flows and distribution partners. Thus, there is no need to rely solely on your gut feeling.

Use the opportunities offered by big data for your sales. With our web-based tool IP.Distribution you receive all relevant data on your ManCo on demand – visually appealing and cleanly prepared. Your daily updated data from the transfer agent provides fascinating insight into the buying behaviour of your investors through visual and statistical evaluations. Recognize potential and dangers early on and fully monitor data sources. Mathematical methods are used to visualize patterns that, for example, identify suspicious transactions, and enable predictive analyses. That means you already know today the forces that are moving the market tomorrow, and you receive systematic insight into your sales structures.

  • Pattern recognition: clear visualization based on mathematical processes
  • Easy access: Mobile access to clear data
  • Data allocation: consolidation of transfer agent data, trailer fees and your own market data
  • Absolutely up to date: access to the latest, processed data

Intelligent, intuitive, calculating: Monitor all your sales activities on a daily basis.

  • What deals have taken place?
  • How have portfolio stocks developed?
  • Which products were bought / sold?
  • Are the transactions / stocks showing any specific characteristics and trends?
  • Are there any portfolio stocks / transactions in high risk countries or accounts?

Analytical, calculated, forward-looking – know today what tomorrow will bring.

  • What is the correlation between performance and cash flow?
  • Who is reacting significantly to external events?
  • Which products are dependent on each other?
  • Which investors have similar behavioural patterns?
  • How long do certain investor groups remain invested in the products?
  • Was there any evidence of unusual business dealings?
  • Were there any extraordinary business activities (volume / frequency)?

Inspirational, coherent, controlling – systematic, deep insights into your sales structures.

  • How have distribution fees / sales commissions developed?
  • What were the administrative fees?
  • What ongoing trailer fees have been incurred?
  • How profitable are our customers?
  • How effective are our marketing campaigns?

Oversight, compliant, on-demand – your test results report with comprehensive documentation.

The entire industry faces the daily challenge of complying with increasing legal regulation. In the area of due diligence, not only must every engagement by brokers be preceded by an examination, but continuous monitoring must also be ensured. We support you with a digital process for distributor due diligence.

The result is a detailed rating recommendation, including comprehensive reports, which you can export from the system and store locally with just a few mouse clicks. This PDF document provides the answers to internal and external auditors' questions concerning due diligence and will save you a great deal of work.

As part of IP.Oversight, we perform the entire due diligence process for you. In addition to developing the classification scheme, this includes creating and sending questionnaires, as well as following up on these.

Example of blank result type of auditing for due diligence (PDF download)