Media Service

Visible and available for investors

The retail customer market for your fund is enormous. We support you in the creation and publication of relevant communication for digital self-decision makers, and therefore close the gap between classic services as a Management Company and the services of an external media agency.

Media service

Our comprehensive online marketing package
  • This includes:
    Google AdWords campaigns, email marketing, advertorials, banner advertising, classic forms of advertising, content creation (webinars, interviews, blog articles, videos & podcasts).
  • We exchange information with others on regular reporting rounds for the analysis and evaluation of user behaviour, benchmark comparisons and the results of A / B tests, and continuously optimize these joint measures.

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Our media partners

We take care of the infrastructure on banks and platforms

Fund distribution is complex. We’re pleased to support you: both when starting your fund and in strengthening your sales activities for existing products. Benefit from individual consideration per share class and target group-oriented recommendations for connecting with fund platforms and banks.

ManCo service

Offering legally binding information for investors, sales partners and data providers
  • Publication of legal documents, fund prices and key tax figures, distributions or other publications.
  • Data delivery via our weekly FUNDS UPDATE newsletter to sales partners and platforms, e.g. order-relevant core data, MiFID II data, fund prices and portfolio data.

Sales service

Package of over 35 individually negotiated and relevant sales partnerships for the European market
  • Sales support and advice on sales strategies for the target groups B2B institutional, B2B2C brokers, IFAs, intermediaries and B2C retail investors.
  • Evaluation of new sales agreements by taking care of initial and ongoing due diligence, negotiating the legal and conditional foundations as well as setting up the relevant commission statements, including commission controlling.
  • We take care of all communication with sales partners and advise you on possible listing requirements.
  • Creation of monthly reports on depositaries and sub-distributors to optimize your sales strategy.

Trailer fee service

Create sales incentives with the relevant distributors
  • Coordination of processes for stock reports by distributors and trailer fee recording for billing.
  • Controlling through plausibility checks, completeness checks and special conditions.
  • Payment and settlement of commissions as well as detailed billing dispatch
We’re pleased to offer you our competent and reliable advice.