IP.Portal (Alternatives)

Centralized communication and convenient analysis for your project

All information concerning your alternative investment fund is managed centrally in our IP.Portal (Alternatives). With just a few clicks you can access your portfolio key figures, create simulations based on real market data and communicate with your investors. Thanks to individual access rules, everyone involved in the project is connected and can easily communicate with each other.

IP.Portal (Alternatives) supports you in your day-to-day tasks with the following modules:

Unrestricted access to all your data and analyses using customizable dashboards

Customized reports for management, investors and supervisory authorities
  • Reporting for stakeholders such as investors, top-tier management, portfolio managers and middle offices, with their own access
  • Regulatory reporting such as Solvency II TPT, CRR, central bank reports and others
  • Individual data feeds into existing IT systems
  • Comprehensive reporting
All documents on hand quickly and easily
  • Central storage of all relevant documents and convenient access via the web portal, e.g. access to fund letters and distribution letters, capital account statements, quarterly reports, carry calculations and equalization calculations (calculation of compensatory interest for subsequent closings) in accordance with the issue document, etc.
  • Easy access through various links and search functions
  • Individualized structure of the document filing system
  • Flexible assignment of authorizations
State-of-the-art technology for forecasting, risk measurement and benchmarking
  • CCash flow and performance forecasts
  • PME, quartile benchmarking and simulation-based portfolio replication
  • Value-at-risk, regulatory risk capital (e.g. Solvency II) and other key risk indicators
  • Portfolio stress tests using defined macroeconomic scenarios
  • Support for portfolio planning
  • Manager control and fund control
We perform data acquisition for you. You can concentrate on analysis.

Gathering data relating to investments, the fund and its investors

  • Core-, valuation- and transaction data
  • Quarterly reports and capital account statements
  • Look through for target funds
  • Market data on indices, performance benchmarks and launch of new funds
  • Systematic data quality assurance

The advantages are abundantly clear:

  • Central location for your data: documents, visualizations and workflows are available anywhere around the clock
  • Customized representation: tables, KPIs and graphics can be called up according to your needs
  • Easily export data to MS Office and PDF formats
  • White label solution: All content is available in your corporate identity
  • Individualized access: views for management, the investment team, middle and back office, and investors
  • Enormous resource relief in the middle and back office, coupled with increased portfolio management efficiency
  • Complements your own IT infrastructure: merging and / or replacing your own IT systems is possible

The modules accompany you through the entire fund life cycle:

The development of liquidity inflows and outflows in percent over time.
We’re pleased to offer you our competent and reliable advice.