Risk management as a service

Our integrated risk management approach guarantees you an up-to-date view of the risks in your portfolio. By using highly professional instruments, we provide detailed analysis for comprehensive control and monitoring of the risk structure of the investment fund in accordance with relevant regulations.


IP.Risk supports you in your daily work with the following service modules:

You can conveniently access your desired risk reports online with just a few clicks using our web-based application IP.Risk. Our IP.Risk API is available for structured data access. Our own risk management system allows us to respond flexibly and individually to your needs – for your fund or your ManCo.

  • Integrated RM approach for liquid, illiquid and mixed portfolios
  • Value at risk – approach, commitment approach and leverage (daily and intraday)
  • Liquidity risk using liquidity-at-risk and time-to-liquidity approaches
  • Stress tests (historical and hypothetical)
  • Credit risk via Credit VaR
  • Internal rating model for microfinance loans
  • Operational risk at fund level
  • Integrated ESG risk approach
  • Regulatory risk reporting
  • Internal and external model validation
  • KRI reporting for illiquid structures
  • Online access to our daily risk structure reporting as PDF and Excel
  • Market price risk report
  • Liquidity risk report
  • MaRisk reporting for bank investors
  • Integrated API access to all risk data

Excerpt risk report IP.Risk (PDF download)

Excerpt explanations to risk report (PDF download)

  • Integrated risk management system for all types of risk
  • Comprehensive technical expertise in data structuring and data analysis
  • Full transparency on models, data and processes
  • High flexibility and quick responsiveness through in-house service
  • Solutions for your individual needs as a ManCo or fund initiator
 IP.Risk MaRiskReport

The advantages are abundantly clear:

  • Security: whether UCITS or AIF, with us you always have the regulatory framework under control.
  • Expertise: Our team of experienced risk managers is always available to answer any questions.
  • Transparency: We have a full insight into risk modelling and transparent traceability of the key risk figures down to the last detail.
  • Availability: Risk reports updated on a daily basis are available for download from our web portal IP.Risk online. If required, you can obtain all data via download or API for further analysis.
  • Flexible and individual: We develop our system ourselves. Whether new regulatory requirements or for your individual needs – we provide a powerful solution quickly and easily.
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We’re pleased to offer you our competent and reliable advice.