Alternative Investment Funds

Your specialist for administration of alternative investment funds

We administer all usual classes of assets and offer our customers unique full service with innovative tools and additional services. DZ PRIVATBANK, our parent company, always acts as the depositary, and IPConcept as the alternative investment fund manager (AIFM).

We are your partner for funds in the asset classes private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure, as well as liquid strategies. We have all licenses required as an alternative investment fund manager and are always by your side with our many years of experience. In the year 2006 we launched our first private equity fund. In 2013 we were one of the first ManCos to receive authorization as an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM). We offer you a one-stop shop, working together with our parent company and our network of business partners that consists of specialized law firms and real asset service providers. Whenever required, we are also able to offer you individual services based on the principle of modularity.

Good reasons for selecting IPConcept as your AIFM.

  • Market data availability: Through our partner network we have access to qualitatively high-value, verified and granular private market data, which can be made available to increase transparency and thus saving time in decision-making.
  • Fund of funds: On request, we offer you the possibility of looking through the umbrella fund right down to the level of important key financial investment figures in your target fund allocation.
  • Rating and valuation expertise: In-house development, performance and validation of creditworthiness assessment procedures in the area of microfinance as well as in the assessment of refinancing.
  • Bridge Loan / Loan Services: Together with our parent company, DZ PRIVATBANK, we can offer bridge financing for funds we manage. Furthermore, we can also provide loan services in the area of credit funds.
  • Supervisory reporting:
    • Solvency II
    • VAG (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz; Insurance Supervision Act)
    • GroMiKV (Groß- und Millionenkreditverordnung; German Large Exposures Regulation)
    • MaRisk (Mindestanforderungen an das Risikomanagement; Minimum Requirements for Risk Management)
    • CRR
    • EPT/CEPT
    • Half-yearly and annual Reports
    • AIFMD reporting
  • Investor Reports:
    • Capital account statements
    • Purchase confirmations and distribution notices
    • Quarterly reports
    • Portfolio statements
    • Individual reports according to agreement
  • Fund Reports
    • NAV package holdings
    • Overview of registers
    • Risk report
    • Individual reports according to agreement
Centralized communication and comfortable analyses for your project
  • Customized reports for management, investors and supervisory authorities
  • All documents easily and quickly accessible in one location
  • Current technologies for forecasts, risk measurement and benchmarking
  • Collection, input and validation of relevant data
  • Support for fund administration

Our business partners:

Discretion in working together with our clients is very important to us. We would be pleased to present selected reference projects in personal consultation. You will find an overview of our partners here.

We’re pleased to offer you our competent and reliable advice.